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If it doesn't fit anywhere else, but it has to do with SVGs or crafting or anything going on in my creative life, then you'll see it here.

Cricut Design Space Updates v7.23

Cricut has released four more exciting changes to Cricut Design Space! Learning Path Collections Fonts Add to Canvas In my previous post, I talked about Cricut's addition of Editable Images. As of the writing of that article, there were only 117 editable images available, only four of which were free. As of the writing of […]

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SVG Tuts | Cricut Design Space v7.21 Update - Editable Images

Cricut Design Space v7.21 Updates

Cricut is at it again, y'all! They've made another amazing and beneficial update to Cricut Design Space. There's now an option to edit to “personalize an image with a name, change an occasion, switch up a sentiment” and more with Editable Images. As of the writing of this article, there are 117 editable images available, […]

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SVG Tuts | Cricut Design Space Updates

Cricut Design Space v7.20 Updates

SO I could make a video on the latest updates to Cricut Design Space, but I decided I'd just curate a list of videos from some of my favorite YouTubers so you can see what they all have to offer in the way of covering the new updates. I was excited to see that you […]

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SVG Tuts | Use Google Images for Ideas and Inspiration, Not Assets

Use Google Images for Ideas and Inspiration, Not Assets

As a web designer/developer, I am always trying to make my clients understand that it's not okay to find and use assets from Google Images on their blog posts and/or social media accounts. This is because Google Images is not the equivalent of a stock asset site. It's really just a visual way to search […]

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SVG Tuts | Can You Print From A Printer on Dollar Tree Vinyl

Can You Print From A Printer on Dollar Tree Vinyl had a sale, and I purchased five packs of their Infusible Ink Freehand Markers in Brush Tip Tropical and five packs in Brush Tip Basics. One of my other crafting quests is to make wooden puzzles, so I knew I'd be using the infusible ink markers for those, but I wasn't quite sure how to use the markers. So... I found this video by Kelly on the Let's Get Clacking YouTube channel, and it got me started on a good footing. Thanks, Kelly! ?

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SVT Tuts | Cricut Heavy Chipboard

I Had Some Issues with the Cricut Heavy Chipboard

The Cricut heavy chipboard (2mm) is rather expensive. If you don't catch it on sale, it's $12 for 5 sheets. I got it from Amazon for $11, and on 24 May 2022 I was trying to cut a puzzle from a piece for the first time on Sunday, and the knife blade kept getting stuck […]

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SVG Tuts | Save $10 When Using Amazon Pickup

Save $10 When Using Amazon Pickup

Got this in my email today and was all excited! Put in the code. It didn't work. Checked to make sure I had $20 or more in my cart. Still didn't work. Tried it on my Amazon business account. Still didn't work. Then I read the fine print. It can only be used on items […]

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SVG Tuts | One More Time...

One More Time…

A few days ago I learned when using the Cricut Knife Blade that Design Space will prompt you to check to make sure your cut has gone completely through before you unload your mat. If it has not cut all the way through, then you can keep pressing the “go” button for more and more […]

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SVG Tuts | Cricut Maker® 3 + Everything Materials Bundle

Why I Got a Cricut?

I've actually been learning to hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles on my scroll saw, which I intend to sell when I get better at it. I've included some of my practice cuts. The price tag (for customers) on hand-cut, one-of-a-kind-pattern-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles is high, and I wanted a way to offer different price points for […]

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SVG Tuts | Proper Media Placement on Cutting Mats

Proper Media Placement on Cutting Mats

Okay, so I got tired of cutting my projects too far down from the top and too far over from the left, so I took one of these chopping mats I got from Dollar (25) Tree (2 for $1.25) and made myself a nice, sturdy top-and-left guide. To be clear, it's not the Cricut Maker […]

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