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Free Image & Vector Files

Knowing about sites where you can get free images and free vectors will come in handy when you're making your own SVGs, especially knowing about sites where you can get free images for commercial use without any license limitations (public domain photos).

(The sites are listed in alphabetical order, not by which I like best.)

SVG Tuts | Free Stock Photo Site | Pixabay


all images uploaded here before 09 Jan 2019 have a public domain license and those images can be used without a license and without attribution; the site/content was purchased by Canva on 09 Jan 2019 and started issuing their own licenses, but they could not legally revoke the public domain status of images uploaded prior to 09 Jan 2019, so those images are still in the public domain

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I am still in the process of adding more free stock photo/vector sites, so check back to see the list grow.

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