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Use Google Images for Ideas and Inspiration, Not Assets

SVG Tuts | Use Google Images for Ideas and Inspiration, Not Assets

As a web designer/developer, I am always trying to make my clients understand that it's not okay to find and use assets from Google Images on their blog posts and/or social media accounts.

This is because Google Images is not the equivalent of a stock asset site. It's really just a visual way to search the web.

It is great for finding ideas and inspiration, but it should not be used to directly download other people's copyrighted and/or trademarked assets.

When you click on an image, you will see a notice in small print that says “Images may be subject to copyright.”

SVG Tuts | Google Images "subject to copyright" statement

This is Google's way of letting you know they're not responsible if you get sued by copyright/trademark holders for using images you find through Google Images.

The image search I did for the above screenshot was for the concept of “Hustle Mode On.”

Visit this link to see all the different variations of the concept.

It's evident that no one seems to have a copyright/trademark on the statement, so it's okay to use it if you make it your own.

In the following video, that's exactly what I did…

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