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One More Time…

SVG Tuts | One More Time...

A few days ago I learned when using the Cricut Knife Blade that Design Space will prompt you to check to make sure your cut has gone completely through before you unload your mat. If it has not cut all the way through, then you can keep pressing the “go” button for more and more passes.

Since I hadn't seen that pop-up show up for the Fine Point and Deep Point blades, I took that to mean that feature is only available to the Knife Blade.

Imagine to my pleasant surprise when I was like, “I wonder what would happen if I push “go” with the Fine Point blade in here…” and it went through another pass! It allowed me to do one more pass per each push, even though Design Space didn't give me the pop-up.

I'm sure others of you already knew this, but I just learned it and wanted to pass it on for anyone who, like me, wasn't aware this is allowed.

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