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Why I Got a Cricut?

SVG Tuts | Cricut Maker® 3 + Everything Materials Bundle

I've actually been learning to hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles on my scroll saw, which I intend to sell when I get better at it. I've included some of my practice cuts.

SVG Tuts | Why I Got a Cricut

The price tag (for customers) on hand-cut, one-of-a-kind-pattern-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles is high, and I wanted a way to offer different price points for different budgets. Also, it takes days to prep a puzzle board for cutting, like 4 or 5, and the dust particles created by hand-cutting wood on a scroll saw can be a health concern, even though I do wear protection.

After getting the scroll saw, I got a laser cutter, which allows me to create puzzles at a lower price point, but then there's the smoke and eye protection concerns (so the laser doesn't blind me) to deal with, and there's still a higher price point to customers from a wood jigsaw puzzle, even if you're not cutting it manually with a scroll saw.

Although, I can cut MDF and cardboard on the laser cutter, there's still the issue of the smoke, and you're also burning away media when you use a laser cutter. Many videos I watched said you shouldn't cut/burn MDF with a laser cutter because of the fumes from whatever is used to keep MDF all together.

So I got the Cricut to have one more price point option, a lower price point, for my customers and because there's no smoke or (very little) dust from cutting puzzles on the Cricut.

Why did you get your Cricut?

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