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Pill Organizers for 31 Days and Then Some

SVG Tuts | Dollar Tree Items: Crafter's Square Permanent Vinyl, Light Blue; Pill Organizers. Cricut Pens

I have a bad habit of prepping my daily pills for the first seven days in a pill organizer and then failing to refill it for pretty much the rest of the month. It just seems so tedious. Of course, it’s not. If I’d just do it every Sunday for the following week, then it […]

“Member of the Great Vibes Tribe” Stickers

SVG Tuts | "Member of the Great Vibes Tribe" Stickers

I did a search on, and I found tons of Good Vibes Only SVG cut files, and I decided I wanted to do something similar but different, so that’s how I came up with this concept. Using a couple of free assets from VectorGrove, PhotoPea, which is free to use and browser-based, and free […]

Cricut Infusible Ink Markers on Basswood | Puzzle

This project was for Cricut Crafting Challenge #18 initiated by Delonda Ford of Cricut Crafting with Delonda.   As you can see, it didn’t turn out well at all, but I did learn some things from this crafting fail. [1] Do not wait until the last minute to start and finish your crafting project, especially […]

30-Piece Memory Game on Wood

I’m working on a 30-piece memory game for my nieces. The wooden discs are two inches around, and I made the image that goes on the circle 1.8 inches in vinyl on my Cricut Maker 3. I’m thinking it might be better to use sticker paper, so that when I go over each piece with […]

Create a Bean Queen SVG Cut File in Cricut Design Space

SVG Tuts | Create a Bean Queen SVG Cut File in Cricut Design Space

Whew! I just finished creating the video tutorial for how to make your own Bean Queen cut file and how to diversify the file to get different looks. I even put the file in the following mockup just to show how it would look in real life. Now I have to edit the video, so […]

Wedge Box Made in Cricut Design Space

SVG Tuts | Wedge Box Made in Cricut Design Space

I’m working on packaging for my puzzles. This wedge box was super easy to make. I like that I can use the file as-is to make a small box or, as I did with this project, make it larger (10.726″ x 10.5″) for a bigger box. I intend to put my logo on a circular […]

My First Heat Transfer Vinyl (Iron-on™) Project

SVG Tuts | My First Heat Transfer Vinyl Project

Don’t ask me why, but I put off working with vinyl for a couple months after I got my Cricut Maker 3, even though I purchased my Cricut Maker 3 to work with vinyl. ? I just didn’t want to mess something up, because vinyl can be pricey. Anyway… I finally took the plunge… kinda. […]

Memory Games Prototype

SVG Tuts | Memory Games Prototype

I’m prototyping for memory games. The red will be one set, and the blue will be another set. The base of each card will be a round wooden 2in chip. I made the shape in the circle 1.5 inches, but I want them to be larger, like 1.75 inches. Each set will have 30 chips.

My Lapse in Common Sense

SVG Tuts | My Lapse in Common Sense

Logic Problem Faydra has a Cricut die cutting machine, a paper trimmer and a printer that prints borderless up to 13″ x 19″. She has a 10″ x10″ piece of basswood for her puzzle board, and she wants her image to also be 10″ x 10″ to cover her puzzle board. She has a 12″ […]