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Wedge Box Made in Cricut Design Space

SVG Tuts | Wedge Box Made in Cricut Design Space

I'm working on packaging for my puzzles. This wedge box was super easy to make. I like that I can use the file as-is to make a small box or, as I did with this project, make it larger (10.726″ x 10.5″) for a bigger box.

I intend to put my logo on a circular removal stick at the center of the top to keep the box closed.

The Cricut Design Space File is #M133A5715

This is actually the first prototype at the largest size I could make of the box from a 12×12 piece of thin cardstock. The actual box will be on thicker cardstock that is black.

I intend to make several of these with the same thin cardstock, going down one inch at a time, so the next one will be 9.5″ on its smallest side, until I'm down to 4.5″ on the smallest side.

Then I'll have all the prototypes to put finished puzzles into to determine which size I need to cut for the actual box that's going to the customer.

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