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Cricut Infusible Ink Markers on Basswood | Puzzle

This project was for Cricut Crafting Challenge #18 initiated by Delonda Ford of Cricut Crafting with Delonda.


As you can see, it didn't turn out well at all, but I did learn some things from this crafting fail.

[1] Do not wait until the last minute to start and finish your crafting project, especially when you've been given about three weeks to make it happen. ?

[2] When basswood is heated with a mini heat press, the wood will curl once it starts to get hot.

[3] When basswood is heated with a mini heat press, and you're trying to transfer from paper [I used Colorbok cardstock] colored with Cricut Infusible ink, you will most likely have ghosting because as the basswood curls the paper cannot help but shift around, even when you attempt to secure it with heat-resistant tape, which I did do.

[4] Even after using a heavy box [that's what I call my box I made full of bricks that I use to flatten stuff] to flatten the bassword, it will still curl when you put it on a StrongGrip mat and secure it with painter's tape, because you can't flatten it with a heavy box for only an hour or so before trying to cut it.

[5] The curling in the wood will cause the knife blade to eventually get stuck when your Cricut [Maker 3] tries to cut.

[6] You can actually use Cricut Infusible Ink on basswood if you have the right type of heat press.


Once I invest in an at least 12″x12″ heat press, then I'm going to try this project again. I believe that based on the amount of ink that actually transferred from the paper to the basswood that if there was an entire surface of heat that was added to the whole 10″x10″ paper sheet with the ink and the basswood then all the ink necessary would actually adhere to the basswood.

Even though I think that the heat will still cause the basswood to curl, I think that allowing the basswood to remain under the heavy box for at least 24 hours would actually make a difference.

The project itself was a fail, no doubt, but just doing it was a success for me because now I see how to make improvements for the next go-round.

2 Responses

  1. curious if you ever received the larger heat press and if it worked on the basswood. I have an auto press and would like to make some tier tray items, but am timid to try.

    1. I actually did get the HTVRont 10×10 heat press from Amazon some time ago, but I haven’t gotten around to doing the retesting.

      Thanks for asking about this. I will do it this week and get my results posted. Please let me know if you would like me to email you when I’ve done the newest test.

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