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My First Heat Transfer Vinyl (Iron-on™) Project

SVG Tuts | My First Heat Transfer Vinyl Project

Don't ask me why, but I put off working with vinyl for a couple months after I got my Cricut Maker 3, even though I purchased my Cricut Maker 3 to work with vinyl. ?

I just didn't want to mess something up, because vinyl can be pricey. Anyway… I finally took the plunge… kinda.

Underwhelming, I know, but I made this little decal and put it on a shirt for my dad. This is his fraternity.

Once I actually did it, even though it was something small, I wasn't nervous to work with vinyl anymore, so I'm glad I got it out of the way.

This was actually the Cricut brand heat transfer vinyl, which they call Iron-on™ Vinyl. Yes, Cricut has trademarked the term Iron-on™.

SVG Tuts | Bulk Everyday Iron-On™ Value Rolls, Basics

Be looking for more vinyl projects from me. ?

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