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TownStix Printable White Sticker Paper, Matte, 8.5″ x 11″

SVG Tuts | TownStix Printable White Sticker Paper, Matte, 8.5" x 11"

I found this sticker paper on Amazon.

150 sheets 8.5in x 11in for $22.32, which is not a bad price at all for so many sticker sheets.

When the labels arrived, I counted them to make sure there were 150 sheets.

That might sound petty, but that's what I do. All 150 sheets were there, so I was very happy about that!

While I was doing the counting. I realized that I really liked the feel of the sheets. They're not too thick and not too thin.

I also like that the backing is a different color (yellow) from the sticker paper (white).

I can actually see using the yellow backing as media, too, when I use the whole surface of the sticker sheet on top without cutting up the backing. I'm not sure how well it will work, but I'm going to try it and see. I mean, if it goes well, then I've got several sheets of yellow, glossy paper to use for some thing(s). ?

One of the reviews I read on Amazon said the sheets have a chemical smell.

The batch of sticker paper I have isn't giving off any type of smell. I actually had to put a sheet right under my nose to smell anything at all, and it's so subtle I had to breathe in deeply to even pick up a scent.

As a person who is hyper-sensitive to strong, overpowering scents, I know I would have picked up on an unpleasant smell if one existed.

There are no unpleasant, or even pleasant, smells in the batch of sticker paper I received.

The sticker paper is not coated, so it's not going to be waterproof and/or water resistant straight out of the package. If that's something you need, you'll have to add laminate or something else to make your project water proof/resistant.

Doing Print Then Cut with my Cricut Maker 3

The print of the print-then-cut is done, and I'm liking the way it looks! My colors don't look faded or overly-soaked into the sticker paper!

I am very pleased with the final product and the process!

I used a LightGrip mat and the Printable Sticker Paper (White) Material option in Cricut Design Space. I didn't add any extra pressure.

It cut through the first time and didn't leave cut outlines on my mat.

The weeding process was just a matter of lifting one corner of what was left over and slowly pulling up and away. The non-sticker part came up in one piece.

Peeling the sticker paper away from its backing was super easy. No picking, picking, picking, picking, sigh, picking, ugh, “I'm ruining the sticker,” try another place, picking, picking, let's try another one, picking, picking, picking. None of that. I curled the paper and backing just a bit, and the two pieces came apart with just one pick.

SVG Tuts | Townstix Sticker Paper Examples

My ink did not go all the way through the paper, either, and I set my printer to best print quality, which deposits more ink.

Second Test – Full Sheet Borderless Printing

I have the Canon Pixma iP8720 that has the rear feed tray, so I did another sheet with a full image and borderless printing to see if I can use it for the surface of puzzle boards.

The reason I purchased the Canon was because I was having issues with the HP pulling thicker paper through and around and out.

I'm very pleased with the results of my borderless printing.

SVG Tuts | Townstix Sticker Paper Borderless Printing Examples

The colors match what is on my computer screen, and the ink didn't bleed through the top layer of the sticker paper.

I'll put this on a piece of wood, give it three coats of Polycrylic Clear Satin and let it set for four days, and then it'll be ready to cut on my scroll saw! ?

I'm super happy with this inexpensive sticker paper!

I doubt I'll actually use it for stickers, because I prefer the vinyl for stickers, but it'll be great for puzzles.

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