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My New Canon PIXMA iP8720

SVG Tuts | My New Canon PIXMA iP8720

My new printer came today. ?

I'm very excited to get it set up and start making larger prints. I got this one, because it prints borderless all the way up to 13 inches by 19 inches.

My Cricut Maker 3 can only cut 11.5 inches in width, but with a 24-inch cutting mat I can cut the full 19 inches.

Also, my Ortur Laser Master 2 can handle the whole 13 inches, so that's a plus!

I was asked in a Facebook group if the ink in the printer could be switched to sublimation ink.

It cannot.

This printer does not have tanks. It uses cartridges.

Something neat about this printer is one of the slots takes a grey cartridge.

The grey ink, when combined with Canon photo paper, keeps photos from fading and is also great for use when printing in black and white.

SVG Tuts | Canon Ink with Grey Cartridge


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