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Dollar Tree Storage Hack for Markers

SVG Tuts | Dollar Tree Crafter's Square Pencil & Brush Organizer

I found another use for the Dollar (25) Tree Crafter's Square Pencil & Brush Organizer.

I got a great deal on 60 Sharpies (50% off retail) through a Walmart+ sale and needed a way to store all the markers with the caps down.

I wasn't sure that the markers would be long enough to sit in the bottom tray and poke out the top, but it worked! I've got tons of other markers, so I plan to buy about 5 or 6 more of the organizers soon!

I think I might put a little dot of color on the sections at the top of he organizer so I can look down on the organizer and see the color of the marker in that slot. I'm still debating on that one. I'll probably end up getting the markers mixed up and then that'll just be more work than lifting each to see the cap. 🙂

I got the idea from seeing some other Cricut crafters use the organizer for Cricut tools.

SVG Tuts | Craverland Pen Adapters for Cricut

I'm looking forward to trying the Sharpies in my Cricut Maker 3 with an appropriate Craverland Pen Adapter that I purchased a few weeks ago.

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