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Cutting Mats for my Cricut Maker 3 Projects

SVG Tuts | HTVRONT StrongGrip Cutting Mats, 2 pack with Scraper

I purchased a couple of the two-packs of the HTVRONT StrongGrip cutting mats, and I really like them!

I'll also be ordering some StandardGrip and LightGrip mats, as well, now that I know I like the quality of the StrongGrip mats.

Before trying the HTVRONT brand of cutting mats, I tried the NICAPA brand of cuttings mats, and I really like this brand, too. However, I wanted another alternative just in case one brand is on sale when the other brand is not. ?

SVG Tuts | NICAPA Cutting Mats for Cricut

If I had to compare them, I would say the HTVRONT cutting mats are stickier than the NICAPA cutting mats, but it appears that the NICAPA mats are thicker. I say the NICAPA mats appear to be thicker, because I have almost cut through a couple of the HTVRONT mats the first time using them. I don't know if that's just because of the type of job I was doing or what, but…


NICAPA mats seem to be thicker to me.

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