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“Cupcake Celebration” and “Mountain Sunrise” Puzzles on the Cricut Maker 3

SVG Tuts | Cupcake Celebration Puzzle

A couple of my latest puzzles.

 SVG Tuts | Cupcake Celebration Puzzle

Both were created with Cricut Print then Cut on WeLiu adhesive vinyl sticker sheets.

SVG Tuts | WeLiu Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer - Glossy White
“Cupcake Celebration” is 35 pieces with a Dollar Tree chopping mat backing.

SVG Tuts | Cooking Concepts Flexible Chopping Mats, 2-ct. Packs

“Mountain Sunrise” is 40 pieces with a backing of Grafix Medium Weight Acid-Free 0.057” Chipboard Sheets

SVG Tuts | Mountain Sunrise PuzzleSVG Tuts | Grafix Medium Weight Acid-Free 0.057 Chipboard Sheets


[1] I think the “Cupcake Celebration” vinyl did not shift away from the backing while being cut like “Mountain Sunrise,” because I waited several days before cutting “Cupcake Celebration,” which means the ink had time to dry for longer. I cut the “Mountain Sunrise” puzzle within about 15 minutes of inkjet-printing on the vinyl, and I think not giving it time to dry and set on the backing for a few days is what caused the shifting of the vinyl in places.

[2] Although not flimsy, the Dollar Tree chopping mat doesn't feel as good in the fingers as a thicker backing, so “Cupcake Celebration” will get a second backing layer of chipboard just to make the pieces feel better when you pick them up.

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