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Cricut Blade Holder

SVG Tuts | Cricut Blade Holder

My first attempt at a custom blade holder.

The middle piece is on upside down and backwards, and it's leaning. Fail!

There's also another reason the blade holder is a fail.

I made it for the four blades I've been using, but I forgot I also purchased the perforation blade and QuickSwap™ housing, even though I haven't used it.

That means there's no where in this current design for my fifth tool.


As I'm done cutting out iteration #2, I will forego putting it all together so I can move right on to iteration #3 and redesign the cut file for 5 blades.


Thank goodness my head is attached to my neck. ?

The purpose of the holes in the base is for swap blades that I intend to purchase eventually. Actually, I have one. I just forgot about it. ?

In iteration #2 I put grooves on the sides for the pop sticks.

I made the two fails from the boxes I've been saving after eating the Walmart Flatbread Pizza thingies. I have tons of them, as I have been collecting them for about two years. ?


The whole purpose of saving all the cardboard was to repurpose it, but I was going to do it on my laser cutter, and then I was like, “Dude, you can do it on the Cricut, too. Duh.” That's how I stumbled on the idea of making a blade holder instead of buying one.

The Cricut Machine Tool Organizer is super cute, but it's more than I want to invest, especially when I can flex my creative muscles and come up with my own blade holder design. ?

SVG Tuts | Machine Tool Organizer

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