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My Lapse in Common Sense

SVG Tuts | My Lapse in Common Sense

Logic Problem Faydra has a Cricut die cutting machine, a paper trimmer and a printer that prints borderless up to 13″ x 19″. She has a 10″ x10″ piece of basswood for her puzzle board, and she wants her image to also be 10″ x 10″ to cover her puzzle board. She has a 12″ […]

Magnetic Puzzle Cut on the Cricut Maker 3

SVG Tuts | Magnetic Puzzle

I tried Cricut’s SnapMat feature last night, and it wasn’t as easy as all the YouTube videos I watched made it appear to be. I did finally get it to work, but I was sweating by the time my iPad finally snapped the mat. Whew! What I didn’t pick up on or failed to pay […]